Who is Mabel?

Mabel Strickland was a star cowgirl on the grueling rodeo circuit for over 25 years starting in 1916. Known to be as gentle as a dove to her friends and family she was also tough enough to wrangle and pin a 345lb calf to the ground. Her fastest steer-roping time was an impressive 18 seconds. As a trick-riding expert, she could jump her horse over a car – and did. Mabel’s name is still held in high esteem and we’re happy to honor her spirit here at Blue Mabel.

Executive Chef Steven Sandy

Raised with a southern-sensibility, Chef Steven Sandy’s earliest food influences came from his family and Sunday dinners in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Picking shrimp and snapping beans inspired his passion for fresh, local ingredients. He went on to train professionally under French and Southern masters of cuisine and served as Executive Chef at La Jolla in Montgomery, Alabama for 14 years. 30-A beckoned Chef, and he joined Cowgirl Enterprises as Executive Chef over Cowgirl Kitchen restaurants and catering. Blue Mabel is a result of his partnership with visionary Nikki Nickerson and their desire to do a casual restaurant with roots in slow-cooked food.

Nikki Nickerson

Nikki Nickerson is a serial entrepreneur that loves farm to table cuisine, an amazing glass of wine and bringing people together. Known for developing restaurants that provide a unique experience with both comforting and delicious food.